U.S. Managed Accounts

Gain a complete understanding of the U.S. fee-based advisory industry, which includes sponsors (broker/dealer firms) that offer managed account programs and the asset managers that distribute them through their platforms.

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The Managed Accounts practice—which analyzes 98% of managed accounts industry assets—is Cerulli’s longest-running practice with more than 20 years of historical data. It focuses on the U.S. fee-based advisory industry, with an emphasis on sponsors (broker/dealer firms) that offer managed account programs and the asset managers that distribute them through their platforms. Coverage includes the six types of managed account programs: separate account, mutual fund advisory, rep-as-portfolio-manager, rep-as-advisor, exchange-traded fund (ETF) advisory, and unified managed account (UMA) programs.


  • Annual report
  • The Cerulli Edge

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Powering insights that inform strategic business decisions, this team is devoted to understanding and analyzing changes in asset flows, uncovering technology shifts, and advising clients on product and business opportunities.

Matt Belnap

Matt Belnap

Associate Director

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Matt Belnap

Matt Belnap

Associate Director

As an associate director, Matt plays a critical role in developing research across the retail financial services spectrum, including wealth management, managed accounts, and product development. Matt contributes to nine Cerulli reports across three research practices and manages The Cerulli Edge—U.S. Advisor quarterly publication.

Matt began his career in financial services at Eaton Vance investment management, serving in a variety of roles, ranging from shareholder services, to institutional marketing, and in competitive analysis seeking strategic distribution opportunities.

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