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Born in 1992, Cerulli Associates is a forward-thinking research, consulting, and analytics firm focused on the financial services industry. As an international consulting and research company, we connect decision makers to a dynamic network of data, people, and ideas—delivering accurate, timely, and strategic analysis to our global client base.

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Where it Began

Cerulli Associates is Founded

Kurt Cerulli founded Cerulli Associates, aiming to create a preeminent advisory resource for financial services executives.

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Publication Growth

Creation of the Cerulli Report Series

The first Cerulli Report is introduced with research focused on fee-only financial advisors. To learn more about our practice areas, click here.

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Publication Growth

Launch of The Cerulli Edge Series

The Cerulli Edge series is launched to provide ongoing access to analysis of trends affecting the market. Since the first launch, the publication has evolved to become a unique suite of monthly and quarterly periodicals across all of Cerulli’s practices. To learn more about The Cerulli Edge publication, click here.

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IWI Partnership

Cerulli’s survey partnership with the Investment and Wealth Institute (IWI) brings new advisor insights into our wealth management practice and, in turn, offers Institute constituencies our broader industry perspective. Learn more about the IWI.

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First Ever Sizing of Wealth Management Market Assets by Channel

Cerulli’s first true sizing of intermediary channels—broker/dealer, registered investment advisor, broker/dealer advisory, bank/trust, and bank trust advisors—opened the industry to a new level of insight. With the ability to visualize assets under management and headcount per channel, Cerulli’s sizing introduced transparency to an otherwise opaque industry. Visit our Wealth Management practice to learn more.

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Interactive Report Dashboards (IRDs) Are Created

Cerulli launches Interactive Report Dashboards (IRDs). Cerulli's IRDs consolidate data from multiple report exhibits in a single comparative view. As an extension of the report data, users can flexibly build unique views of data with customizable filters and easily share the results. Learn more here.

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Cerulli Makes a Commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility

Cerulli makes a pledge to advance environmental and social progress both through our research on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) themes globally and by launching new internal office procedures. Learn more about Cerulli's corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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MMI Partnership

The Money Management Institute (MMI) and Cerulli Associates partner to generate unmatched insights and thought leadership for the benefit of advisory solutions industry constituents. Together, Cerulli and MMI provide an enhanced view and understanding of the major trends at work in the advisory solutions marketplace by simplifying the collection and distribution of investment advisory data. To learn more, click here.

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Founding Member of DCIIA Retirement Research Center

Cerulli enters a partnership to inform DCIIA’s Retirement Research Center (RRC), serving the retirement industry with reliable, unbiased, and authoritative research supporting improved retirement security.

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Named 2023 Boston Globe Top Places to Work

We are proud to be recognized for our outstanding employee engagement, management, work-life balance, and benefits.

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