Changes Today for a Greener Tomorrow

We realize our actions both in and out of the office can contribute to creating positive environmental outcomes and encourage employees to recognize that subtle changes can have a significant impact over the long term. A cleaner environment today creates a greener environment tomorrow.

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"You should be a responsible consumer of energy and do what you can to help improve the situation for the planet. That includes energy savings, recycling, composting, and it includes informing your employees of ways they can be more responsible themselves both here and outside the office."

-Kurt Cerulli, Founder and CEO

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

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LED Lighting

Installing LED lightbulbs in our offices has cut our energy consumption by 55%.

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Waste Reduction

In just eight months beginning in 2019, we saved 33,710 12 oz. bottles by using a smart water dispenser.

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We avoid single-use items, provide compostable utensils/dishware, and use easily identifiable recycle bins in all offices.

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In 2019, we composted 1,715 lbs of organics, preventing 1,235 lbs of greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere.


Conscious Printing

In 2020, we stopped printing hard copies of our publications, saving approximately 400,000 pages of paper per year.

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Carbon Offsetting

We partnered with Terrapass to effectively offset 35 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2019.

Safety for all

Cerulli Cares

Our Cerulli Cares initiative helps our employees give back by participating in blood drives, clothing drives, or volunteering.


Community Education

We are proud to host and sponsor events promoting the implementation of sustainable practices.

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Cerulli’s Diversity and Inclusion Group (D.I.G.) is dedicated to increasing firm-wide diversity and creating an inclusive culture.

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2020 Silver Impact Award Recipient

Cerulli Associates is honored to receive a 2020 Silver Impact Award from Building Impact, a distinction that commemorates outstanding volunteer engagement and commitment to community service.

Learn more about Cerulli, our values, and our people.

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Cerulli Research

Learn more about our research initiatives focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.

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