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Environmental, Social, & Governance Investing: A Top-Down Perspective

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This report provides analyses on the uptake of responsible investment in Asia among both retail and institutional segments. This report showcases initiatives and approaches taken by managers, distributors, and asset owners in key markets to embrace environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, and explores the challenges faced by the industry in implementing ESG and how these may be overcome.

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This report defines different implementations of responsible investing and how various strategies have evolved. Additionally, it covers how ESG data helps asset managers and asset owners to more deeply evaluate a company’s corporate purpose, strategy, and management quality. How asset owners and asset managers are advocating for the long-term financial interests of their portfolios, society, and the planet are also explored.

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This report provides detailed analysis of the European responsible investment market and how fund managers can capitalize on the groundswell of interest in responsible investing. In addition to mapping the European responsible investment landscape, the report looks at environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration in traditional and alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds.

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April 2021

Global Retail Investors and ESG

Explore retail investor demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. This white paper provides detailed insight into the factors and forces influencing retail investor demand for ESG and takeaways for managers focused on ESG product development.

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December 2020

ESG and High-Net-Worth Adoption

Firms looking to move upmarket and develop multigenerational client relationships should continue to add environmental, social, and governance strategies to their menu of products and solutions they offer HNW clients.

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November 2020

Responsible Investing: Glossary of Terms

Cerulli Associates is dedicated to providing unmatched research and guidance on responsible investing regionally and globally. This glossary provides clarity on often confused terms associated with responsible investing.

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April 2020

Global Alignment Around the "E" of ESG Takes Form

Exposure analysis is rapidly becoming a staple metric for institutional investors and may represent the most logical focal point for firms in the early phases of building out processes in response to client demand.

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June 2019

Responsible Investment in Hedge Funds: The Growing Importance of Impact and Legacy

Responsible investment (RI) is among the most prominent themes in asset management today. Investors and managers are paying ever more attention to the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, mirroring the concerns of wider society.

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Strategic Consulting

Understand where to allocate resources to achieve your objectives. We can help you determine which initiatives are likely to be successful and those that may not achieve the desired effect. In an increasingly competitive market, our objectivity and experience can help you to advance your firm’s unique strengths.

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