European Distribution Dynamics 2022

Uncovering Growth Opportunities

Analyze Demand, Assess Intermediaries

  • Explore a comprehensive analysis of the independent wealth management segment in the U.K., with in-depth research covering how product demand and clients’ objectives are evolving, fund selection practices and trends, portfolio construction, and evolving approaches to ESG investing
  • Access in-depth analysis of China-focused funds in Europe, including data on the historical growth of these products in Europe and a comprehensive view of the product landscape
  • Analyze product trends in different European markets, including data on the historical growth of the product universe in the region, the evolution of product demand in each market, asset growth, and areas for further development


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Ryan Hanratty

Ryan Hanratty

Account Manager


Evaluate mutual fund distribution across European markets: the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and the cross-border segment. This report provides clarity on product development and expected product demand from various distribution channels, identifying opportunities and challenges for asset managers.

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Each report is lead authored by a senior Cerulli analyst with significant industry experience. The report incorporates qualitative and quantitative inputs, based on Cerulli’s proprietary research process. Each report is designed to be an expert-level sourcebook for strategic guidance. For more on our research process, click here.

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Executive Summary

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A Note from the Author

European Retail Investors Turn to Thematic Products

Fabrizio Zumbo

Fabrizio Zumbo


Bio →

Fabrizio Zumbo

Fabrizio Zumbo


Fabrizio leads the European Retail/Wholesale Asset Management research practice, which focuses on analyzing asset management product development trends, investment, operational and marketing strategies, market and distribution dynamics, regulatory changes, and performing market and competitive intelligence in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and the Nordics.

Prior to joining Cerulli, Fabrizio served as a Lead Industry Analyst at State Street in London and as a Senior Analyst & Research Editor for the PwC’s Global Market Research Centre in Luxembourg. Previously, he carried out several field-based research projects in emerging and frontier markets for international market research and economic consulting firms, spending almost five years performing economic and industry analyses in several countries in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Full biography here.

The thematic fund space has been a hub for innovation in recent years as appetite for thematic mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is growing rapidly across Europe. Cerulli’s research shows that passive thematic products are set to exhibit the most growth over the next two years. Just 9.2% of the asset managers Cerulli surveyed expect active thematic funds to grow at a fast rate (by more than 10% annually) over that period, but 36.6% believe thematic index funds will grow quickly and 27.5% believe that thematic ETFs will grow at such a rate.

One popular theme is sustainability: retail investors across Europe continue to increase their focus on responsible investment. Despite the overall growth and increasing specialization within the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment space in recent years, at the end of 2021, the majority of European ESG assets were held in equity mutual fund products. Managers may find new avenues for growth by improving their capabilities in the alternative and sustainable thematic segments.

Ultimately, managers that can increase their specialization in thematic investing, across passive and active strategies, will be able to differentiate their offerings. This will help them attract new business, given the expected demand for such products over the next two years. Learn more in our latest report, European Distribution Dynamics 2022: Uncovering Growth Opportunities.

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