Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing in Asia 2022

Marching Ahead Toward Sustainability Goals

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  • Evaluate sustainable investing trends in the mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) segments
  • Explore evolving regulations on ESG disclosures and implications for managers
  • Understand how Asian investors are addressing social aspects of investing
  • Evaluate the progress asset owners are making to address climate risks


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Manni Huang

Manni Huang

Associate Director, Account Management, Asia


Examine the evolution and adoption of environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-based investing in retail and institutional segments in the Asia-Pacific markets. This report analyzes progress made by asset owners, managers, and distributors in driving sustainable investing in the region. It provides insights into various approaches to embrace ESG investing across asset classes, emerging mandates and product trends, the needs for ESG capabilities, client demand, and potential opportunities for managers in the ESG segment.

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Each report is lead authored by a senior Cerulli analyst with significant industry experience. The report incorporates qualitative and quantitative inputs, based on Cerulli’s proprietary research process. For more on our research process, click here.

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A Note from the Author

Asset Owners in Asia Pursue a Partnership Approach for Climate-Related Goals

Leena Dagade

Leena Dagade

Associate Director

Bio →

Leena Dagade

Leena Dagade

Associate Director

Based in Cerulli's Singapore office, Leena is responsible for retail research in the Asian asset management industry. She is the lead analyst for the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) research practice in Asia and contributes to Asian institutional reports, Cerulli Edge publications, and consulting projects.  

Prior to joining Cerulli, she was a deputy editor for an online financial publishing firm, covering the asset and wealth management industry in Asia. Previously, she worked with a real-time financial news and market data firm and an asset management company. 

Full biography here.

Asian institutional investors are showing interest in partnering with other asset owners and asset managers as they seek to meet their climate goals but are hindered by the lack of investment avenues and technical expertise.

Our research shows that 66% of asset owners evaluate risks posed to investment portfolios due to increased carbon emissions. They require managers to report data on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity of their portfolios, as well as security-level ESG scores (52%). Reporting on social aspects, such as metrics on gender diversity and sustainable development goals, is expected by 43% of managers and 71% will require such reporting in the next two years.

Looking forward, we believe that asset owners will require greater assistance engaging with investee companies, assisting with ESG-related data, customized portfolios, guidance on net zero, and more. Learn more about how your firm can position your ESG experience with asset owners and gain our outlook for ESG product development, distribution, and adoption among retail and institutional investors with our latest report, Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing in Asia 2022: Marching Ahead Toward Sustainability Goals.

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