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Cerulli’s Emerging Manager Series

December 5, 2022

Cerulli’s emerging manager series provides asset managers the insights they need to grow marketshare in the U.S. Covering the largest opportunities across institutional and retail channels, our perspectives will guide and bolster your strategic position. Use this video series to strengthen your strategic approach.

Markets Covered

Emerging Managers Managed Accounts

U.S. Managed Accounts

According to our latest sizing, the market stands at $10 trillion in assets, witnessing 23.8% growth year over year. Learn what’s driving growth in this $10 trillion market, the major players, and the industry dynamics shaping the distribution of asset management products.

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Emering Manager OCIO


At $2 trillion in assets and less than 30 years old, the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) market represents burgeoning opportunity for institutional asset managers. Explore why this channel offers promise.

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Emerging Managers Wealth

U.S. Wealth Management

At over $26 trillion in assets under management, the U.S. wealth management market is the largest and most complex globally. Understand the distribution channels, growth drivers, and opportunities for expansion.

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Emerging Manager Institutional

U.S. Institutional

Get to know the U.S. institutional market with an overview of the channels and institutions that comprise the market and what they are looking for from asset managers.

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Emerging Manager Product

U.S. Product Development

What are the product and vehicle considerations that asset managers need to think about to enhance the attributes of their investment strategy and meet demand from the target client segment? Hear from our experts on these questions and more

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Consulting module vector 50

Strategic Consulting & Custom Research

Cerulli for Consulting

Understand where to allocate resources to achieve your objectives. We can help you determine which initiatives are likely to be successful and those that may not achieve the desired effect. In an increasingly competitive market, our objectivity and experience can help you to advance your firm’s unique strengths.

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