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U.S. Managed Accounts

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Emerging Manager Series

Cerulli’s emerging manager series provides asset managers the insights they need to grow marketshare in the U.S. Covering the largest opportunities across institutional and retail channels, our perspectives will guide and bolster your strategic position. Get a closer look at the intelligence and experience we have to offer.

An Intro to U.S. Managed Accounts

According to our latest sizing, the market stands at $10 trillion in assets, witnessing 23.8% growth year over year. Learn what’s driving growth in this $10 trillion market, the major players, and the industry dynamics shaping the distribution of asset management products.

Considerations for Investment Strategy Distribution

Evaluate the key distributors in the managed accounts market and the importance of technology for operational efficiency and scale.

Managed Accounts Fees

Understanding the right fee structure is critical to gaining platform shelf space among distributors. Learn how managed account sponsors view fees and adjust your strategic pricing accordingly.

Top Considerations for Asset Managers

Evaluate important business decisions managers can make regarding distribution and operations.

The Convergence of Asset & Wealth Management

Increasingly, asset management firms are looking to surround their products with solution sets that enable them to easily communicate their value proposition and think holistically about the challenges investors face within the accumulation and decumulation phase of assets.

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Strategic Consulting & Custom Research

Cerulli for Consulting

Are you looking for guidance on entering or expanding into the U.S. market? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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Our team

Michael Manning

Michael Manning


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Michael Manning

Michael Manning


Michael is an analyst in the Wealth Management practice at Cerulli, specifically working in Managed Accounts. He is a contributor to the U.S. Managed Accounts annual report and The Cerulli Edge series, providing quantitative and qualitative analyses. He also supports various consulting projects within the Wealth Management practice.

Prior to joining Cerulli Associates, Michael started his career as a financial analyst at Granite Telecommunications where he created quote proposals and developed special pricing analyses in response to customer needs.

Full biography here.

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