Asian Retirement Markets 2023

Building Security Against Uncertainty

Grow Retirement Assets in Asia

  • Evaluate the development of third-pillar retirement in various markets
  • Assess the adoption of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) by pension institutional investors
  • Understand how retirement investments will be managed in a post-pandemic era


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Evaluate the Asia-Pacific retirement sector in Australia and key North Asian and Southeast Asian markets. The report examines the current state of the retirement industry and regulatory developments in each market. It also explores the opportunities and challenges faced by asset managers in terms of product development and outsourcing opportunities, from both the retail and institutional perspectives.

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Each report is lead authored by a senior Cerulli analyst with significant industry experience. The report incorporates qualitative and quantitative inputs, based on Cerulli’s proprietary research process. For more on our research process, click here.


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A Note from the Author

Alternatives Present Greenfield Opportunity to Asia’s Pension Funds

As Asia’s retirement pension funds evaluate the funding status for the many approaching their golden years, alternative investments offer diversification and returns. Major pension funds in Asia have been diversifying further into alternatives, driven by the need to deliver solid returns and combat inflationary pressures as they face a looming underfunding crisis.

However, nearly 41% of Asian pensions surveyed by Cerulli cite a “limited understanding” of alternatives, while one-third say they lack in-house expertise when investing in alternatives. This creates an opportunity for asset managers to step in to provide their expertise.

While it will likely take many more decades for Asian pensions to build sufficient in-house expertise in the area, managers seeking to win alternatives mandates from Asian pension funds should be able to source suitable deals, demonstrate a strong track record in specific alternative asset classes, and share knowledge with their clients.

To learn more, access The Cerulli Report—Asian Retirement Markets 2023: Building Security Against Uncertainty. Explore key aspects of the retirement industry, including its current state across the three pillars, market sizing, investment behavior, strategies and allocation plans, outsourcing practices, distribution strategies, and product development.

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