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We can help you perform due diligence in asset, wealth management, and financial technology markets.

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Confidently deploy capital in the wealth management and financial technology markets. Let us help you understand the risks and the opportunities with comprehensive market sizing and due diligence.

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Jared F. Baucom

Jared F. Baucom

Managing Director, Global Sales & Marketing

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Understand the Changing Wealth Management Market

Cerulli can help you understand the size of the market and project forward. Identify the types of firms and service models most likely to be the winners of the future.

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Evaluate Advisor Adoption of Financial Technology Solutions

Will advisors buy, build, or outsource their technology infrastructure and what does that mean for your wealth technology portfolio and prospective acquisitions?

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Discover Advisor Succession and the Business Models Most Likely to Retain Assets

What types of business models are most appealing to advisors as they near retirement and seek to transfer their businesses and clients?

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Identify the True Opportunity of Direct Indexing

Fractional shares and the disappearance of brokerage commissions have removed barriers to personalized portfolio solutions. What does the future hold for direct indexing?

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Thought Leadership

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We cover the most important themes impacting the wealth management and wealth technology industries.


June 2023

Private Equity Carves Out Its Place in the RIA Space

Backed by some of the industry’s biggest PE players, M&A among RIA consolidators is strong.


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February 2023

Fund Domicile Selection: Enabling Global Alternative Asset Growth

Explore the domicile selection process for U.S. private capital managers seeking expansion.


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December 2022

The Case for Direct Indexing: Differentiation in a Competitive Marketplace

Demand for customization and differentiation from financial advisors and wealth management firms will lead to a surge in assets for direct indexing, with assets expected to grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% and close 2026 with $825 billion in total assets.


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July 2022

Alternative Investments in 2022: Capitalizing on Markets in Turmoil

Advisors remain calm despite equity and fixed-income market drawdowns, while a range of alternative investments hits their stride.

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