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Alternative Investments in 2022: Capitalizing on Markets in Turmoil

July 19, 2022

Advisors remain calm despite equity and fixed-income market drawdowns, while a range of alternative investments hits their stride.

2022 brings elements to financial markets that advisors haven’t seen in years, if not decades. However, not all is doom and gloom. Cerulli sees the current market environment as a Goldilocks moment for alternative investment distribution. Demand for income, inflation protection, enhanced returns, and volatility dampening is coinciding with an increase in supply of products that can help lead to these respective outcomes.

Key Highlights


Understand factors behind the growth of intermittent liquidity

Intermittent liquidity exposures are posting “Hockey-Stick” growth as advisors allocate more to a new wave of non-traded REITs and business development companies.


Evaluate barriers to entry

Illiquidity, product complexity, and product expenses remain top-of-mind concerns for advisors seeking to purchase alternative investments.


Capture opportunity

Use this white paper to understand how demand is changing and how to capture mind and marketshare from advisors.

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