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The U.S. RIA Marketplace: Building Efficient Enterprises at Scale

January 25, 2024

The registered investment advisor (RIA) channel now controls 26.9% of the industry’s total advisor headcount, which is projected to increase to 30.2% by year-end 2027.

As RIAs continue to grow, the question of scale is becoming more readily apparent. RIAs are shifting focus toward staffing to help them achieve their next phase of growth. What are the right hiring models for RIAs to pursue and what are the implications for strategic partners (technology, investment, and asset managers)?

Evaluate the U.S. RIA marketplace, including the factors driving AUM growth, the challenges faced in the race for scale, and considerations for strategic partners.

Key themes explored:

· How have RIAs rebounded following a year of poor market performance?

· How are RIAs embracing staffing in pursuit of scale?

· What are the opportunities to support RIAs as they grow?

· How does RIA firm count growth impact the consolidation of the RIA channels?

Presented by:

Stephen Caruso

Stephen Caruso

Senior Analyst

Bio →

Stephen Caruso

Stephen Caruso

Senior Analyst

Stephen is a senior analyst in the Wealth Management practice where he leads research into the registered investment advisor (RIA) channels. As part of his research, he is the author of Cerulli’s U.S. RIA Marketplace report and has written on topics including private equity investment in RIAs and the role staff play in RIAs’ pursuit of scale.

Full biography here.

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