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The State of the U.S. Registered Investment Advisor Channel

April 26, 2023

Registered investment advisors (RIAs) continue to grow assets under management (AUM) and advisor headcount at the fastest rates across the industry. By 2026, RIAs are projected to manage 33% of advisor assets. Despite this trajectory of rapid growth, as the most fragmented retail advice channel, many RIAs face challenges due to staffing limitations, rising costs, and a need for further differentiation.

During this webinar, Cerulli’s Marina Shtyrkov, associate director, and Stephen Caruso, research analyst, explore the factors contributing to channel growth, looming challenges, and discuss the implications for asset managers, aggregators, wealth managers, and other third-party providers. This discussion covers:

- Key trends driving RIA growth and consolidation
- Private equity interest and investment in enterprise RIAs
- Advisor compensation and the impact on channel affiliation and movement

Presented by:

Stephen Caruso

Stephen Caruso

Senior Analyst

Bio →

Stephen Caruso

Stephen Caruso

Senior Analyst

Stephen is a senior analyst in the Wealth Management practice where he leads research into the registered investment advisor (RIA) channels. As part of his research, he is the author of Cerulli’s U.S. RIA Marketplace report and has written on topics including private equity investment in RIAs and the role staff play in RIAs’ pursuit of scale.

Full biography here.

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