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Cryptocurrency: Navigating a Frontier Asset Class for Advisors and Asset Managers

March 22, 2022

Cryptocurrency Is Too Impactful to Ignore.

Matt Apkarian, CFA

Matt Apkarian, CFA

Associate Director

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Matt Apkarian, CFA

Matt Apkarian, CFA

Associate Director

Matt is a member of Cerulli’s Product Development practice, which focuses on trends related to asset managers’ product development and management functions. This broadly includes assessing the opportunity for product development, evaluating emerging product trends, and understanding distribution and product positioning for investment products across retirement, retail, and institutional channels.

Prior to joining Cerulli, Matt held roles in several business units at Fidelity Investments, including Workplace Investing, Personal Investing, and Fund Operations. Most recently, he worked as an Investment Data Analyst for Strategic Advisers, LLC.

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With cryptocurrency reaching $3 trillion in market capitalization in 2021 before falling back to $2 trillion amidst market volatility in early 2022, it is increasingly important for investing market participants, including asset managers and advisors, to engage and take a view.

This paper explores reasons why advisors are or are not adopting cryptocurrency as part of their offering, and dives into product development trends that are delivering standards, investment vehicles, and strategies for exposure to the asset class.

Key Findings

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Understand the cryptocurrency landscape, including the 10-largest cryptocurrencies by free- float market capitalization.



The structures and resources holding advisors back from adopting this asset class and how can providers address this market?

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Build an approach to product development and distribution founded on Cerulli’s projections.

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Can Advisers Afford to Ignore Crypto?

Matt Apkarian, Senior Analyst at Cerulli Associates, joins the In Focus Podcast to discuss how crypto investing has come of age, what trends we are seeing in this market currently, and how advisers might look to position themselves as the regulatory treatment of the assets changes.


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