U.S. Retirement End-Investor 2019: Driving Participant Outcomes with Financial Wellness Programs

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In its eighth iteration, this report represents Cerulli’s investor-level retirement research, with a focus on the decision-making behavior of 401(k) plan participants. This report discusses motivators for retirement savings, uncovers financial stress areas, and identifies opportunities to help improve participants’ retirement outcomes. Cerulli analyzes 401(k) participant data based on metrics such as age, investable assets, gender, and employment status. Additionally, this report features a focus chapter on financial wellness programs. This thematic chapter details key financial wellness components such as student loan debt and health savings accounts (HSAs) and discusses effective methods to measure the success of these programs.

The report also represents Cerulli’s primary coverage of the individual retirement account (IRA) market with detailed sizing, projections, and several age-based data cuts. Furthermore, Cerulli provides comprehensive analysis of the IRA rollover market, segmenting this market by investor age and advisor orientation (e.g., self-directed vs. advisor-intermediated).

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Review comprehensive research surrounding the burgeoning trend of financial wellness programs
  • Understand the size and future outlook for the HSA and 529 college savings plan markets
  • Gain insight into 401(k) plan participants’ decision making by age, gender, investable assets, and employment status
  • Analyze the size of the IRA market and 401(k) plan participant attitudes regarding rollovers
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