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White Paper Esg wp grid 1024x569

June 2022

Net-Zero Investment

Commitments aimed at mitigating climate change are on the rise among global investment institutions.

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White Paper Alts 2022 grid

July 2022

Alternative Investments in 2022: Capitalizing on Markets in Turmoil

Advisors remain calm despite equity and fixed-income market drawdowns, while a range of alternative investments hits their stride.

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White Paper Series Commonwealth KC 1024x569

June 2022

Taking Control: Exploring Independence

Explore why advisor independence is on the rise and the factors that will continue to influence growth

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White Paper Democritization private assets kc 1024x569

April 2022

The Democratization of Private Assets in Europe

Explore the product structures and distribution channels alternative managers can leverage to address retail demand in Europe for private assets.

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White Paper Canadian etfs 2021 website hero image 1024x569

March 2022

2021 Canadian ETF Market Wrap-Up

Canada’s ETF market takes a victory lap amidst growing advisor and investor uptake

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White Paper Getty Images 1207238614 web grid 1024x569

February 2022

Seeking Future Returns

Evaluate how asset owners and managers are positioning their portfolios in pursuit of returns in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

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White Paper Russell Getty Images 1061549950 1024x569

November 2021

Climate Change Investing

Evaluate measures asset owners and managers are taking to mitigate climate risk in their investment processes.

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White Paper Russell grid 1024x569

October 2021

Diversity and Inclusion

Use this white paper to explore measures asset owners and asset managers are taking to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) within the financial services industry.

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White Paper Blue Vault website hero image 1024x569

October 2021

Advisor Use of Alternative Investments in 2021

Access this white paper to understand advisors’ allocations to alternative investments and explore what barriers to their use remain.

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White Paper Schwab website grid image 1024x569

September 2021

Best Practices for Advisors When Working with Women Investors

Access this white paper to gain actionable insights from successful financial advisors into how practices can work effectively with women investors across three key areas of the client experience.

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White Paper Direct indexing web grid 1024x569

August 2021

Improving Client Experience: Customizing with Direct Indexing

Access this white paper to learn more about direct indexing, key players and assets under management, growth projections, and market adoption.

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White Paper Gettyimages 945069472 1024x569

April 2021

Global Retail Investors and ESG

Explore retail investor demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. This white paper provides detailed insight into the factors and forces influencing retail investor demand for ESG and takeaways for managers focused on ESG product development.

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White Paper Di wp 01

April 2021

Direct Indexing and the Unfulfilled Promise of Tax Efficient SMAs

For decades, the financial services industry has touted the customization of managed accounts, yet only partially delivered on that claim. Direct indexing may change that.

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White Paper Wp grid private banks

October 2020

Private Banks: What COVID-19 Means for Product Choice

Private banks around the world are having to review their product offerings in response to the great uncertainty caused by the combination of COVID-19, U.S.-China tensions, and Brexit. This white paper provides an overview of the changes underway in Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

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Custom Research White paper schwab evolving role 1024x569

August 2020

The Evolving Role of Behavioral Finance 2020

As market volatility escalated, advisors increasingly turned to behavioral finance to help keep clients invested and focused on their long-term goals.

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White Paper Wp grid advice in adversity

June 2020

Advice in Adversity

In this white paper, Cerulli explores how advice providers can best equip their advisor-clients to quell the worries of investors and ensure they adhere to their still-relevant long-term investment goals.

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White Paper Wp grid institutional

June 2020

Communications with Institutional Clients in a New, Virtual, World

The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented a multitude of challenges to the institutional asset management industry, but many asset managers are adapting to new strategies to keep the status quo.

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Custom Research White paper schwab mitigating biases 1024x569

May 2020

Mitigating the Impact of Advisors’ Behavioral Biases

Advisors can improve their portfolio construction and management processes by acknowledging that they are subject to many of the same behavioral biases that they hope to help investors avoid.

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White Paper Wp grid esg 1024x569

April 2020

Global Alignment Around the "E" of ESG Takes Form

Exposure analysis is rapidly becoming a staple metric for institutional investors and may represent the most logical focal point for firms in the early phases of building out processes in response to client demand.

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White Paper Wp grid china

February 2020

Asset Management in China 2020

China’s asset management industry is changing rapidly, following a series of reforms and market liberalization policies. In the post-“super guidance” era, more players are deepening their participation in asset management, such as banks and foreign firms.

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White Paper Wp grid pe

February 2020

Private Assets: Cause for Both Celebration and Caution

Investor demand is set to keep rising, but so too is competition.

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White Paper Wp grid unpri

June 2019

Responsible Investment in Hedge Funds: The Growing Importance of Impact and Legacy

Responsible investment (RI) is among the most prominent themes in asset management today. Investors and managers are paying ever more attention to the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, mirroring the concerns of wider society.

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White Paper Wp grid euro etfs

June 2019

The State of the ETF Industry in Europe 2019

ETFs have been available for almost three decades, but have only recently started to gain traction among European investors. ETF asset growth in Europe has been significant in recent years. ETF assets grew from €256 billion in 2012 to €635 billion at the end of 2018, a 148% increase.

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White Paper White paper page banks webinar module6

April 2019

Derisking DB Plans in Flux

Substantial volatility in late 2018 and early 2019 highlight the challenges and risks many corporate defined benefit plan sponsors face

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White Paper Neglected Gen WP

March 2019

The Neglected Generation

Due to the aging population of the industry’s most heavily targeted clients, developing relationships with the next generations of potential investors is paramount.

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Custom Research Wp grid fiserv

February 2019

Subtract, Add, Multiply – The Formula to Efficiency

Wealth management providers are experiencing an increased demand for comprehensive advice while their most productive advisors approach retirement. Overcoming these constraints will require the deployment and adoption of enhanced wealth management technology platforms.

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Custom Research Wp grid ocio 1024x569 jpxg

March 2019

OCIO at an Inflection Point: Strong Growth Ahead, but Institutions Are Demanding More

This is Cerulli’s first dedicated research initiative covering asset owners using the support of an OCIO provider.

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