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  • Understand the implications of regulation for product development and distribution initiatives
  • Evaluate demand for private investments across institutional and retail channels
  • Examine how pensions plan to meet their obligations in a low-interest-rate environment and implications for managers
  • Assess the cross-border market in Europe, with comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities


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Expand your knowledge of asset management and distribution in Europe with in-depth, timely analysis. This quarterly publication covers the most pertinent trends in asset management product development and distribution in major European markets including Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.


Latest Issues

Euro Q2 2022

Q4 2023 — Q4 Issue


  • Weighing the Factors at Play
  • Emerging Markets: Investors Are Not Completely Enchanted by Year of the Rabbit
  • Superfunds: The Pros and Cons
  • LDI Crisis: Lessons Learned
  • Passive Funds: A Growing Fan Base
Edge Images22

Q3 2023 — Q3 Issue


  • From Pensions to Commodity Funds
  • Commodities: Divergent Views on Market Prospects
  • Pensions: Netherlands Major Transition
  • D2C: The Rise of DIY Investing Creates Both Opportunities and Threats for Managers
  • UK: Wealth Managers and Private Banks Are Expanding Into New Investment Territories
EE 2 Q 2023

Q2 2023 — Q2 Issue


  • Never-Ending Change
  • Private Assets: Democratization Continues
  • Direct Lending: Fund Assets are Growing in Europe
  • Reference Data: The Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence
  • Volatility: How Asset Owners Are Responding
EE Edge2

Q1 2023 — Q1 Issue


  • Biodiversity, Value Investing, and Fee Pressure
  • Biodiversity: Moving Onto Investors’ Radars
  • Peer-to-Peer Securities Trading: Acceptance of Alternative Counterparties
  • Insurance: Fee Pressure is Easing
  • Value Investing: Awaiting Confirmation
Euro Q4

Q4 2022 — Fund Selection Issue


  • Responding to Volatility
  • Foreign Exchange: Volatility Tests Trading Efficiency
  • Unit-Linked Funds: SFDR Article 8 and 9 Funds Bolster
  • Equity Funds: Some Silver Linings
  • Blockchain ETF: The Market Seeks to Broaden
    its Appeal
Euro Q3 2022

Q3 2022 — Affluent Investors Issue


  • Preparing for an Uncertain World
  • Outsourcing: Opportunities Are Opening Up as Insurers Rethink Investment Strategies
  • Technology: How Distribution Is Being Reshaped
  • Commodities: An Appealing Inflation Cushion
  • Emerging Markets: Too Big to Ignore

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