Brand Sentiment Analysis

Perception Vs. Reality

What do your clients really think about your brand and how will you change their perception?

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How do your clients and partners view your brand?

Brand perception is entrenched in fund selectors’ decision-making. Asset managers can make progress if they emphasize the competitive differentiators of their value proposition when building their brand. Those whose names become synonymous with investing, particularly among new savers, will have the best opportunities to win new business.

Building a Brand

Thought Leadership

Asset managers have allocated ever more resources to promoting their status as thought leaders over the past five years and producing insightful thought leadership content is an increasingly high priority. 85% of managers consider thought leadership content very important to institutional investors and 77% considered such content very important to banks and wealth managers.


The wealth management segment is also an important target for asset managers’ thought leadership content production. Wealth managers are increasingly looking for narratives that link investments to societal change in a bid to future-proof their clients’ portfolios.”

Content Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

As is the case with content marketing, the format of thought leadership is moving away from traditional written content. Many asset managers are making use of different formats and developing visualization capabilities that enhance the client experience.

Social Media

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of the asset managers Cerulli surveyed now have more than six people in their social media teams and 78% expect to reach that level over the next 12 to 24 months.

Strengthen Your Market Position

Let Cerulli help you build a stronger market position. Explore your brand’s perception, assess how much your prospects and clients know about your service offering, and evaluate what they want from asset manager partnerships.

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Strategic Consulting

Understand where to allocate resources to achieve your objectives. We can help you determine which initiatives are likely to be successful and those that may not achieve the desired effect. In an increasingly competitive market, our objectivity and experience can help you to advance your firm’s unique strengths.

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