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Institutional and Insurance Asset Management Trends in Asia

May 23, 2023

Within Asian institutional asset management, there is an ongoing need for external manager expertise in multiple areas of investment on the back of growing assets. Diversification needs are becoming more acute in Asian institutional portfolios. As Asian institutional portfolios still have high allocations to local debts, the need for foreign partnerships and investment into overseas assets are expected to increase in the coming years.

At the same time, Asia Pacific Insurance assets have been growing rapidly, boasting total investable assets from life and non-life insurers estimated at US$9.9 trillion. The two-speed growth of the region makes it attractive for asset management firms looking for growth opportunities. North Asian markets have a substantial asset base and South East Asia’s attractive demographic backdrop represents strong future growth potential.

Over the next 12 months, Cerulli anticipates pent-up demand for assets—particularly risk assets—to emerge. Hear Cerulli provide an overview of the market and spotlight opportunities for strategic expansion.

This 45-minute presentation will answer these questions and more:

- What does the broad Asian institutional asset management landscape look like, where do opportunities exist, and where are opportunities emerging?

- What are the broad opportunities in the Asia-Pacific insurance market?

- How have insurers been allocating their assets, and what are the short- and medium-term outlooks?

- As many of Asia’s insurers juggle major regulatory compliance with the need to grow capital, how can asset managers act as partners?

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