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Improving Client Experience: Customizing with Direct Indexing

August 16, 2021

Access this white paper to learn more about direct indexing, key players and assets under management, growth projections, and market adoption.

Direct indexing is primed to grow at an annualized rate of over 12% over the next five years, faster than traditional financial products, such as mutual funds, ETFs, and separate accounts. As fractional shares and zero commission trading grow, industry momentum is building and the market for the product is broadening—asset managers are acquiring direct indexing providers, introducing proprietary solutions to market, and applying direct indexing to new asset classes.

Cerulli’s white paper, sponsored by Parametric Portfolios LLC, examines the many facets of the direct indexing market, starting with a codified definition of what direct indexing is, key market players, and the various use cases for the solution.

Use this white paper to understand:

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The Benefits

Understand the applications and benefits of direct indexing

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The Market

Evaluate the direct indexing ecosystem across asset managers, TAMPS, wealth managers, fintech firms, and direct firms

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Key Players

Benchmark direct indexing providers and assets under management

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