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2021 Canadian ETF Market Wrap-Up

March 2, 2022

Canada’s ETF market takes a victory lap amidst growing advisor and investor uptake.

Ending 2021 at USD 255 billion in assets and with USD 39 billion in flows—strong increases over 2020—Canada’s exchange-traded fund (ETF) market shows attractive growth as the structure gains adoption from advisors as well as retail investors. The product is poised for expansion as a wide variety of users gain familiarity with the lower-cost structure.

Key Findings

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Explore ETF growth drivers

ETF issuers perceive the increased use of active ETFs, advisor movement toward fee-based practices, and advisors increasing ETF allocations as major asset growth drivers.

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Discover top ETF issuers by asset and net flows

While the top-10 ETF issuers remained the same from 2020, important divergences occurred in flows across product lines in 2021.

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Assess opportunities for expansion

Innovative ETF product development accompanied by strong adoption and flows suggest a bright future for Canada’s ETF industry.

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