A Deep Dive Into Alts Industry Research, With Daniil Shapiro

August 17, 2022

Financial markets have faced significant headwinds this year, some of which haven’t been seen by investors in several decades. But the alt industry has barely skipped a beat. In this podcast Daniil Shapiro discusses the details of why the current moment may be ideal for alternative investments to shine.

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Episode Highlights

  • A summary of the headline findings from Blue Vault / Cerulli’s latest research on the alts industry.

  • Background on why alts sponsors are targeting retail investors and financial advisors to raise new capital.

  • A deep dive into intermittent liquidity products, and how these products have changed the perception (as well as practicality) of the alternative investment universe.

  • The top goals that financial advisors are targeting with their allocations to alts (and whether these advisors are in fact meeting these self-stated goals).

  • Daniil’s insights on the importance of brand in the world of alternatives.

  • How smaller alts sponsors can achieve success in an industry that is dominate by a few well-known heavyweight players.

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