Cerulli Data Changes

We’re enhancing the way that you access Cerulli Interactive Data, migrating the industry leading data sets from our Lodestar platform to the Interactive Report Dashboards associated with Cerulli Reports. With this change, all Cerulli Data will be linked with corresponding Cerulli Reports, offering new and deeper data sets to enrich our client experience.

IRD hero

Deeper Data Sets, Intuitive Navigation

Cerulli’s data has been mapped to our Interactive Report Dashboards (IRDs), complementing the insights associated with Cerulli reports. Use the chart below to locate the data you are seeking.

What are Cerulli’s IRDs?

Cerulli’s IRDs provide advanced data visualization to enhance Cerulli’s report insights. IRDs can help you interpret report exhibits in a single comparative view. They also provide the ability to flexibly set data filters and share customized results. Please view the below video to see the easiest way to find the IRDs available to you.

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