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Asset Management in China 2020

February 12, 2020

China’s asset management industry is changing rapidly, following a series of reforms and market liberalization policies. In the post-“super guidance” era, more players are deepening their participation in asset management, such as banks and foreign firms.

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Key Points

  • The evolving retail market landscape should push managers to reinforce their strengths in equity investment, asset allocation and non-traditional strategies, and upgrade their collaboration with banks and third-party online platforms.

  • Managers should position themselves well and develop strategies quickly to gain first-mover advantages in the less crowded passive space, which is gaining attention due to institutions’ evolving demand, government support and recovery in sentiment after the stock market fall. Managers also need to tackle declining margins with fee pressure.

  • Foreign managers will continue to expand into the public funds market as it further opens, and source new opportunities in other market sectors, such as banks’ wealth management products.

  • The country’s third-pillar pension scheme is also set to expand, but managers’ patience and consistent performances are key to break into the huge market.

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