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White Paper

Advisor Use of Alternative Investments in 2021

October 26, 2021

Access this white paper to understand advisors’ allocations to alternative investments and explore what barriers to their use remain.

While advisors are open to increasing alternative allocations, they generally find alternatives to be illiquid, expensive, and complex. To combat low advisor adoption, asset managers must provide lower-cost products that offer enhanced liquidity and yield better performance.  

Cerulli’s latest white paper is produced in collaboration with Blue Vault and is based on an inaugural and comprehensive alternative investments advisor use survey.

Key Findings

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Expected Allocation

Advisors report alternative allocations taking up 10.5% of their portfolios and expect this to increase to 11.8% in two years.

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Challenges to Adoption

Liquidity is exceptionally important to advisors and their clients (54% report liquidity as a challenge to investing in illiquid alternatives), but advisors also list product cost (39%) and complexity (37%) as key barriers to greater use.

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Opportunity for Innovation

Enhanced liquidity of alternatives as well as better performance would likely to lead to heightened allocations (60% and 43% of advisors, respectively, report these would lead to higher allocations).

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