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Q3 2022

Corner Office Views

October 3, 2022

Cerulli's corner office views provides market-leading insights and tangible takeaways for senior executives seeking to strengthen and scale their business models.

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Timely Insights to Inform Your Business Strategy

COV Landing Page Q3 2022 US


U.S. Wealth Management and Defined Contribution: Converging?

Defined contribution providers are positioned to advise clients

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COV Landing Page Q3 2022 Asia


Catering to the Burgeoning Family Office Space in Asia

A diverse range of skillsets is a must

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COV Landing Page Q3 2022 Europe


Growing institutional asset manager business in the face of market volatility

Rethinking strategic allocations

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Past Articles

COV Past Artices Q2 2022 US

U.S. RIAs Encounter Differentiation Challenges

How can strategic partners help?

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COV Past Artices Q2 2022 Asia

Thematic Investing in the Spotlight in Asia

But stickiness of investors remains a concern

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COV Past Artices Q2 2022 Europe

China-Oriented Funds in Europe: What Future?

Appetite for China-oriented funds by European investors grows but remains mixed

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COV Q1 2022 Main Page US

U.S. Managers Seek ESG Products, Headcount, and Data

Consistent ESG standards still needed

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COV Q1 2022 Main Page Asia

Striving for Low-Carbon Investing in Asia

Collaborating to address climate risks will be key

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COV Q1 2022 Main Page Eur

Investors Pledge to Tackle Biodiversity Loss

Asset managers need to develop more comprehensive approaches to address biodiversity risks

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Cov q4 2021 us past article

How Can U.S. Distribution Teams Use Data Effectively?

Insufficient infrastructure and sourcing data remain major challenges

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Cov q4 2021 asia past article

Trends in Asia Institutional Investing

Institutional investors are building alternatives exposure

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Cov q4 2021 europe past article

The Rising Importance of Brand in Europe

Marketing budgets are rising in 2022

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Cov past articles US Q3 21

Can Defined Contribution Plans in the U.S. Support Decumulation?

Communication with plan sponsors is critical

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Cov past articles Asia Q3 21

How to Meet the Needs of the High-Net-Worth Segment in Asia

Managers should pitch the right strategies to and seek partnerships with private banks

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Cov past articles Europe Q3 21

How Can Managers Combat Fee Pressure in the European Insurance Market?

Managers need a proactive approach

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How to Keep Investors on Target During Social-Media-Fueled Rallies?

The “meme stock” craze has some lessons for advisors

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Cov main page images 01 1

Where Is the Potential in China’s Retirement Market?

China’s third pillar pensions has the most promising opportunities for managers wanting to break into the country’s huge retirement market

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Cov main page images 02

How Are Investor Preferences Shifting in Europe?

Risk management has become an important goal for private banking and wealth manager clients

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Cov q1 2021 past article 02

Direct Indexing and the Unfulfilled Promise of Tax Efficient SMAs

For decades, the financial services industry has touted the customization of managed accounts, yet only partially delivered on that claim. Direct indexing may change that.

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Cov q1 2021 past article 01

The Evolution of Institutional Sales in the Pandemic Era

Outsourcing opportunities abound, but managers must adapt to the new digital age.

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Cov q1 2021 past article 03

Strategies to Overcome Distribution Challenges

Managers will need deep partnerships with distributors.

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Cov past articles 01

How Do U.S. Allocators Use an ESG Lens to Evaluate Asset Managers?

Today, nearly all U.S. allocators—institutional investors, investment consultants, OCIOs—have standardized questions on ESG that they ask managers during their review process.

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Cov past articles 09

How to Keep Pace with Asia Asset Owner ESG Expectations?

Asia’s largest institutions will influence the ESG behavior of small and mid-sized investors

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Cov past articles 05

Asset Owners’ Approach to Climate Change

Climate change is the key topic addressed in many European asset owners’ responsible investment policies

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Cov past articles 02

How Is COVID-19 Changing U.S. Salesforces?

Internal wholesalers and hybrids will comprise a larger share of headcount

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Cov past articles 10

Is There Opportunity in Asian Private Pensions?

China and Taiwan are lucrative retail retirement markets due to favorable regulation

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Cov past articles 06

Should Managers Pursue Thematic ETFs in Europe?

Thematic ETFs are still niche, but are poised to grow

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Cov past articles 03

What happens when fixed-income ETF prices deviate from the NAV in a crisis?

Performance of ETFs and mutual funds in tumultuous markets underscores benefits to using both vehicles
in concert

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Cov past articles 11

How can managers create “digitalized personal touch” in China?

The coronavirus outbreak has brought about opportunities for a new wave of digital disruption, as more investors turn to online means of communication and making investment decisions

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Cov past articles 07

How can managers grow strategic partnerships in Europe's insurance industry?

Driven by the need to improve operational efficiencies and profits, insurers are increasingly consolidating their relationships with external asset managers

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Cov past articles 04

How can active asset managers distribute their strategies in ETFs?

The opportunity to offer non-transparent ETFs is highly attractive and lucrative, particularly for active managers amid an industry-wide shift toward low-cost passive investments

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Cov past articles 12

How can fund managers penetrate insurance retirement markets?

Insurance products are some of the most established and well-known financial products in the region

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Cov past articles 08

What is the way forward in European private markets?

Investor demand for private assets in Europe is set to keep rising, but so too is competition. What is the way forward?

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