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Realize new expansion opportunities with strategic recommendations for product development, pricing, and distribution.

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Our deep knowledge of the market, the competitive landscape, and relationships with global allocators can help you assess how to strengthen your business model and provide you with tangible recommendations for optimal product structure, staffing levels, and distribution.

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Broaden Delivery of Your Intellectual Capital Across Platforms

Understand which vehicle and pricing structures fit with platform providers’ preferences.

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Analyze Addressability in the Defined Contribution Market

Explore where opportunity exists in the 401(k) market without a leading target-date product line.

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Evaluate Institutional Pricing and Distribution Strategies

Assess distribution options in the increasingly intermediated institutional channel.

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Perception vs. Reality

What do your clients really think about your brand and how will you change their perception?

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Assess the Opportunity for Thematic Funds in Europe

Demand is quickly ramping up across European investors for thematic funds. Explore opportunities for innovation and distribution.

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Optimize Growth Leveraging Technology

Technology tools that centralize client relationship management, enable targeted communication, and enable key resources to do more with less, provide the keys to amplify distribution.

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Create New Opportunities to Win Shelf Space Among Fund Selectors

Performance, fees, service, brand—what will it take to win shelf space among fund selectors?

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Capture ESG Demand from Retail Investors in Europe

As demand grows, managers will need to find avenues to capture interest while ensuring products align with investor preferences.

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Reach European Retail Investors Seeking Exposure to Private Assets

Individual investors will represent a higher proportion of fundraising for alternatives in the next 12-24 months. What channels hold the keys for asset gathering?

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Explore Emerging Themes Impacting Expansion in Southeast Asia

Tap into Retail, Institutional, and Product Opportunities in Southeast Asia

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Strengthen Your Asian Expansion Approach with Objective Guidance

Build Your Product and Distribution Strategy for Asset Growth in Asia

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Assess Opportunities in Singapore’s Retirement Market

Are Singaporeans Ready for Retirement?

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Examine Potential in China’s Greater Bay Area

Understand ongoing regulatory development in China’s Greater Bay and how to position your entry into the Wealth Management Connect pilot.

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Thought Leadership

Explore Our Perspectives

We cover the most important themes impacting the asset management industry.

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June 2022

Net-Zero Investment

Commitments aimed at mitigating climate change are on the rise among global investment institutions.

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July 2022

Alternative Investments in 2022: Capitalizing on Markets in Turmoil

Advisors remain calm despite equity and fixed-income market drawdowns, while a range of alternative investments hits their stride.

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October 2021

Advisor Use of Alternative Investments in 2021

Access this white paper to understand advisors’ allocations to alternative investments and explore what barriers to their use remain.

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