European Alternative Investments 2021

Cause for Both Celebration and Caution

How Alternative Asset Managers Can Seize New Growth Opportunities

  • Evaluate the fundraising opportunities retail clients with lower levels of wealth offer private asset managers
  • Assess the distribution landscape for hedge funds and liquid alternatives
  • Analyze how managers approach responsible investment and how investors consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their private equity and hedge fund investments
  • Understand how alternative asset managers in Europe can formulate their alternative investment business strategies with chapters highlighting the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Sweden.


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Ryan Hanratty

Ryan Hanratty

Account Manager


Assess opportunities and challenges for alternative asset managers targeting fundraising opportunities in Europe—from both retail and institutional clients. This report addresses key developments in the market, including the growing focus on finding appropriate ways to offer retail clients private asset exposure, the distribution landscape for hedge funds and liquid alternatives, and how responsible investment is developing in the European alternative market.

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A Note from the Author

The Democratization of Private Assets In Europe

Justina Deveikyte, CAIA

Justina Deveikyte, CAIA


Bio →

Justina Deveikyte, CAIA

Justina Deveikyte, CAIA


Justina joined Cerulli Associates in February 2014 and heads the European Institutional Asset Management research practice. In her role, she is responsible for all research activities relating to institutional investors, the firm’s analysis of alternative investments, the environmental, social, governance (ESG) section, and all data-science-based activities. She also contributes to multiple strategic consulting engagements and The Cerulli Edge series.

Justina is the lead author of several Cerulli reports, covering insurance, retirement, ESG, and alternative investments. Throughout her career, she has successfully developed partnerships with industry associations and has presented at several conferences and events across the Europe.

Prior to joining Cerulli, Justina was a Financial Manager and Global Analyst at Global Food Consulting; she previously has provided professional advice on banking products, including unit-linked insurance and third-pillar pension products at SEB Bank Group.

Full biography here.

Retail investors in Europe are increasingly seeking exposure to private investments. We expect individual investors to represent a higher proportion of fundraising for private markets over the next 12 to 24 months. Although institutional investors such as corporate and public pension schemes remain key targets for many fund managers with private market expertise, such managers are increasing their focus on capturing new growth opportunities in wholesale channels.

Asset managers will find most opportunities in European markets where retail clients have less exposure to private investment capabilities. Around 67% of the fund managers we surveyed expect private banks in Italy to represent the best opportunities to gather assets for private market products over the next 24 months, whereas only 40% said that private banks in the U.K. will offer the most opportunities to raise money. Given the variety of vehicles used to deliver private investments and the complex nature of the underlying strategies, education will be crucial, with asset managers passing information to intermediaries and intermediaries passing information to their clients.

Learn how to seize new growth opportunities in Europe with our strategic overview of the market for alternative investments found in our report, European Alternative Investments 2021: Cause for Both Celebration and Caution.

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