U.S. Product Development 2017: Advisor Product Demand in a Model-Driven Environment

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In its tenth iteration, this annual report examines the complex U.S. product landscape for institutional and retail channels across all strategies and vehicles. The research explores active and passive asset management, trends in fees and share class pricing, expectations for future innovation, and best practices for the product organizational structure. Additionally, the report examines financial advisors’ product demand and their plans for portfolio construction.

Data included in this report is compiled from three proprietary surveys: Products and Strategies Survey, Target-Date Survey, and Financial Advisors Survey. Qualitative insight is from interviews with executives across the industry.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Discover the reasons driving advisors to use investment models as a starting point or outsourcing to them entirely
  • Explore the changing relationship between active and passive, across investment vehicles (e.g., mutual funds) and asset classes (e.g., U.S. equity, emerging markets fixed income)
  • Understand how financial advisor share class use will be a catalyst for changing asset manager share class offerings
  • Evaluate how changes in mutual fund fees are impacting revenue across active and passive asset classes.
  • Provides a detailed look into the changing dynamics of advisors’ product use
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