European Marketing and Sales Organizations 2017: Winning Strategies for Asset Managers

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The fourth iteration of this report analyzes the structure of European marketing and sales teams by geography and assets under management. The report evaluates compensation trends and budgets, seeking to draw historical comparisons. Approaches to new technologies and digital communication strategies are also analyzed, as are promotional activities and the challenges of communicating increasingly complex ideas.

Data included in this report is from three proprietary surveys, including requests for proposal (RFPs), sales organizations, and marketing and social media. Also, proprietary software was used to analyze in-depth more than 900 Twitter feeds of European and U.S. asset and wealth managers.

Qualitative insight is gleaned from 32 face-to-face interviews with senior executives from large, well-established international asset management firms, recruitment consultancies, and advisors based in Europe. Furthermore, two established marketing consultancies in the U.K. have contributed to a special section of our report with a breadth of insights.

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  • Gain clarity on marketing and sales team organizations in seven European countries, the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Sweden
  • Understand how hiring and remuneration is evolving
  • Learn how to improve marketing, and digital, communication
  • Examine a breakdown of global asset managers’ RFPs by distribution channels, team structures, turnaround time, and challenges
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