U.S. RIA Marketplace 2018: Designing a Framework for Independence

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In its eighth iteration, this report provides an in-depth analysis of the retail-focused registered investment advisor (RIA) marketplace. The report includes Cerulli’s 10+ year market sizing of the independent RIA and hybrid RIA channels, addressing factors that have led to the channels’ high growth. It offers insights about the needs, challenges, and opportunities facing RIAs in today’s environment. The report also covers key topics for RIA sales distribution, including product use, portfolio construction, and allocation changes. Data included in this report comes from Cerulli’s continuous surveys of financial advisors, wholesalers, and distribution executives at asset managers through our proprietary survey engine. Cerulli conducted approximately 2,000 advisor surveys in 2018. Research interviews were conducted with industry executives, RIAs, RIA custodians, and RIA service providers whereby participants engage in open dialogue about the current state and outlook for the advisor markets.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Understand the differences between two groups of hybrid RIAs: long-term hybrids and transitional hybrids
  • Explore new market sizing of hybrid RIA assets and firms at risk of dropping their broker/dealer affiliation
  • Identify coverage strategies for sub-segments of the RIA channel, including hybrid RIAs, consolidators, and large (billion-dollar-plus) firms
  • Review quantitative and qualitative insight into advisor movement patterns and growth trends impacting the hybrid RIA channel
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