Cerulli Quantitative Update: Managed Accounts

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This annual update (in its 9th iteration) examines the US$2.41 trillion managed account industry from the asset manager, sponsor, and advisor perspectives. It analyzes the trends driving change in fee-based managed accounts and advice delivery, including in-depth coverage of the six managed account programs: UMAs, separate account consultant programs, mutual fund advisory, rep as advisory, rep as portfolio manager, and ETF advisory. This year's iteration is particularly important as this industry enters a stage of rapid change, leading Cerulli to forecast a very different-looking base of assets in 2015. Data for this report comes from quarterly proprietary surveys which have been in circulation for 17 years.

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  • Rep-driven platforms control nearly 40% of managed accounts marketshare. Sponsors who don’t address this trend may lose out.
  • Mutual fund advisory programs are expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2014, the first managed account program to do so.
  • UMAs are becoming more sophisticated and widespread. 16 of the top 25 sponsor firms have them.
  • The largest managers (> US$10 billion in AUM) deliver model separate accounts to an average of 10 sponsors, with the highest reported at 27.
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