U.S. Managed Accounts 2020: The Evolving Landscape of Advisor Discretion

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In our 27th annual survey of the managed accounts industry, Cerulli examines the state of managed accounts, including the size of the market, growth potential for the next three years, relative marketshare of the top distributors and asset managers, and the breakdown of the market by program type (unified managed accounts, mutual fund/exchange-traded fund advisory accounts, etc.), trends in fees, and patterns of advisor use of managed accounts.

Data for this report is compiled from our proprietary database, with more than 20 years of historical data. To assess the effects of the coronavirus market on the attitudes of market participants, Cerulli also fielded a “flash” survey directed at executives at managed account sponsor firms. This survey closed at the end of May. Additionally, Cerulli relies on information provided by various third-party data sources to enhance the analysis contained in this publication. Data analysis is supplemented with in-depth, one-on-one interviews with key executives at managed account sponsor firms, asset managers, third-party vendors, and technology providers to the managed accounts industry.

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  • Understand the top priorities for asset managers and managed account sponsors
  • Explore a detailed analysis of the current state of platform consolidation
  • Review the effects of the COVID-19 market correction on flows into managed accounts
  • Analyze how market performance has impacted new product launches
  • Gain insight into the levels of portfolio construction and technology spending
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