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U.S. Insurance General Accounts: Meeting Investment Objectives in a Low Interest Rate

October 1, 2020

Insurers are facing an extremely challenging interest rate environment in 2020.

Robert Nelson, CFA

Robert Nelson, CFA


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Robert Nelson, CFA

Robert Nelson, CFA


Bob drives the research and consulting efforts within Cerulli’s Institutional Asset Management practice, with a focus on insurance general accounts as well as corporate defined benefit (DB) plan research.

Prior to joining Cerulli Associates, Bob worked at Acadian Asset Management, where he led the firm’s Investment Writing group. In this role, he oversaw the firm’s Client Communications and RFP teams and was also responsible for helping disseminate the firm’s thought leadership. Bob started his career at Thomson Reuters, where he worked as a fixed-income market analyst and managed the firm’s municipal bond products.

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Insurers are facing an extremely challenging interest rate environment in 2020, forcing general accounts to look beyond core fixed-income holdings. With rates at all-time lows and great economic uncertainty, insurers need to find diversified sources of yield and income while also considering the credit risks embedded in current portfolios.

This presentation addresses:

  • How insurers plan to mitigate this challenging environment

  • Which asset classes, strategies, and vehicles insurers are considering

  • How insurers are using unaffiliated managers to source and oversee investments

  • Industry consolidation and the drivers for private equity merger and acquisition activity

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