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Asset Management in Southeast Asia: Innovation & Opportunity

June 10, 2020

Spurred by a rising affluent population, new regulatory initiatives, and wider use of digital technology, the asset management industry in Southeast Asia is poised for rapid expansion.

Shannen Wong

Shannen Wong

Senior Analyst

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Shannen Wong

Shannen Wong

Senior Analyst

Shannen is one of the main analysts at Cerulli Associates covering SEA markets. She is a member of the Institutional practice and provides qualitative analysis support for all Asian reports. She also contributes to The Cerulli Edge series.

Prior to joining Cerulli Associates, Shannen worked for trade publications, covering the asset management industry in Asia for four years.

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We’ve been here before. Remember 2008? The recession held many powerful lessons for wealth management firms, restoring investor confidence and, perhaps most critical—retaining client assets. Join Cerulli’s Scott Smith to uncover best practices born of the 2008 recession and gain actionable strategies to quell investor fear and uphold your value proposition today.

This presentation addresses:

  • New product trends and opportunities
  • Key regulatory developments and challenges
  • Fintech adoption among managers and financial intermediaries

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