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SPARK Institute Fall Forum

November 6, 2022

Cerulli is pleased to exhibit at the SPARK Forum 2022, the world’s most important gathering of C-suite and senior executives in the retirement plan market. See us at booth 38 and join Shawn O’Brien for his thoughts on participant engagement and ways to drive commitment to their benefit programs on Tuesday, November 8th at 9:10AM.

Hear from Cerulli: Are Your Employees Truly Engaged? Why It Matters

Tuesday, November 8th at 9:10AM

How do today’s providers really engage your participants to drive commitment to their benefit programs? Today advice comes from new, non-traditional sources. Social media also plays a big role in how we think, the products we buy, what we like and even drives our decisions on how to invest our time and money.

This panel will discuss how to drive employee engagement. What do employees think about when engaging in benefit programs? How do internal and external factors play into decision making about saving for their future? And finally, how can organization reorient their thinking to have a focus on employee engagement. We will also discuss recent survey information provided by Cerulli regarding this topic. Our panel will also dive deep into the role of CX in driving engagement on a day-to-day basis and why it matters.

Presented by:

Shawn O'Brien, CFA

Shawn O'Brien, CFA

Associate Director

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Shawn O'Brien, CFA

Shawn O'Brien, CFA

Associate Director

Shawn leads the U.S. Retirement research practice, which focuses on the defined contribution (DC) and individual retirement account (IRA) markets. He also leads and supports strategic consulting projects for asset managers on their DC-related market entry and product distribution strategies.

Prior to joining Cerulli Associates, Shawn worked as a Research Associate at Harvard Business School, where he co-authored case studies on investment management for professional and personal investors and managing and innovating in financial services. Prior to that, he worked in the Currency Management group at State Street Global Markets, employing currency overlay strategies for large asset managers and asset owners.

Full biography here.

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