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Asset Management

We help institutional and retail asset managers globally understand how and where to expand in an increasingly competitive and fee-compressed environment. Learn how we can help you with your product development and distribution initiatives.

COV Q3 2023 Europe Past Issue

Broaden Delivery of Your Intellectual Capital Across Platforms

Understand which vehicle and pricing structures fit with platform providers’ preferences.


COV Q3 2023 US Past Issue

Analyze Addressability in the Defined Contribution Market

Explore where opportunity exists in the 401(k) market without a leading target-date product line.


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Evaluate Institutional Pricing and Distribution Strategies

Assess distribution options in the increasingly intermediated institutional channel.


Financial Technology

Cerulli can help you innovate toward the future with comprehensive market sizing, insight into asset and wealth management trends, and technology adoption analysis.

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Size the Market

Understand advisor and investor marketshare continues to change in an era of increased fiduciary awareness, enhanced technology adoption, and the expectation of falling margins.

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Understand Advisor Tech Decision-Making and Adoption

Will wealth managers buy, build, or outsource technology? What are the factors driving decision-making and what does that mean for technology solutions?

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Identify the True Opportunity of Direct Indexing

Fractional shares and the disappearance of brokerage commissions have removed barriers to personalized portfolio solutions. What does the future hold for direct indexing?

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Private Equity

Cerulli helps private equity firms with due diligence in asset, wealth management, and wealth tech industries. Understand the risks and the opportunities in the wealth management market and conduct company-specific analyses to confidently deploy capital.

COV Q3 2023 Asia Past Issue

Understand the Changing Wealth Management Market

Cerulli can help you understand the size of the market and project forward. Identify the types of firms and service models most likely to be the winners of the future.


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Evaluate Advisor Adoption of Financial Technology Solutions

Will advisors buy, build, or outsource their technology infrastructure and what does that mean for your wealth technology portfolio and prospective acquisitions?



Discover Advisor Succession and the Business Models Most Likely to Retain Assets

What types of business models are most appealing to advisors as they near retirement and seek to transfer their businesses and clients?


Wealth Management

What products, services, and pricing models will gather and retain investor assets? Cerulli will provide you with the strategic action you need to help your advisors scale their businesses and help investors achieve better outcomes.

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Segment your Clients and Scale your Offerings

Match clients with the right products and service levels and identify profit potential.


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Optimize Technology to Support Your Client Segmentation Strategy

Cerulli can help you prepare for the future with a complete picture of where wealth is today, where it will be tomorrow, and the service models needed as wealth changes hands.


AMPT June 2023

Create Retirement Income Solutions and Decumulation Strategies

Evaluate whether you have the right retirement income products, portfolio construction tools, and services for your investors.


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