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  • Analyze year, age, investable assets, net worth category, debt and asset category, account type, primary advice provider, and investor orientation
  • Build custom wealth segments for market analysis
  • Customize elements of the household balance sheet, focusing on specific segments of the U.S. population to build targeted marketing strategies
  • Examine the role online services play in investors’ management of their finances
  • Understand investors’ attitudes about discretionary spending, risk tolerance, financial goals, and economic outlook
  • Use Cerulli's annual proprietary projections
  • Easily build dashboards and share analysis with your team for strategic decision making

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Drew O'Hearn, CFP

Drew O'Hearn, CFP

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Gain an in-depth overview of household balance sheets across all wealth tiers, including Cerulli’s proprietary wealth tiers that segment investor households by investable assets and net worth. Metrics covered include households’ net worth, specific asset types, and products used. Assess the relationship between financial providers/advisors and retail investors with metrices for investor attitudes, current product use, plans for future product use, satisfaction of provider relationship, and use of direct and online trading accounts.

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Household Balance Sheet

The Household Balance Sheet module is derived from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances.


Retail Investor Trends

Evaluate the relationship between financial providers/advisors and retail investors. This module is derived from the annual Phoenix Marketing International Affluent Study of more than 10,000 households across the U.S.

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