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Managed Accounts Lodestar

Benchmark, Project, Plan

  • Analyze data including program type, year, channel, asset class, discretion, fees, and investment vehicle
  • Assess top firms and their changing marketshare
  • Build customized asset projections by program for up to five years into the future
  • Create unique distribution opportunity rankings by firm
  • Examine firm-specific information
  • Easily build dashboards and share analysis with your team for strategic decision making

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Covering 98% of managed account industry assets, Cerulli’s Managed Accounts Lodestar subscription provides detailed product and platform intelligence for broker/dealers (B/Ds), asset managers, and financial technology firms. Review and compare key attributes across program type, including average account sizes, fees, and flow information from more than 200 individual managed account programs and annual assets dating back to 1993.

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Executive summary


Gain a broad view of the managed accounts industry, including industry assets, channel breakdown, program type breakdown, and top managed account program sponsors.


Firm Profile

Compare assets and growth rates against other firms over time and evaluate the makeup of firms by program type, discretion, and packaging.



Gain insight into individual program types including assets and growth, flows, account size, fees, number of accounts, and view leaderboards for each program type.


Separate Account Asset Managers

Explore the overall asset allocation of the traditional separate account market including historical marketshare and the top-five managers of each asset class.



Understand the methodology used to gather data within this subscription, definitions for program types and channels, and a description of our proprietary opportunity index weighting.

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