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Investment Product Trends Lodestar

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  • Analyze ETF marketshare dynamics
  • Evaluate fund use in qualified and nonqualified retirement plans by plan type and examine current and historical retirement plan fund flows by fund type and plan type
  • Preview trends in new fund launches
  • Customize current and historical fund data through multiple filters
  • Examine current and historical turnover and redemption rates by fund category and investment objective
  • Review cash flow components historically
  • Understand the sources of retirement plan fund sales
  • Easily build and export dashboards to share with colleagues

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Cerulli’s Investment Product Trends Lodestar subscription provides granular analysis of the fund marketplace (mutual, closed-end, money market, exchange-traded, unit investment trust), including assets, flows, sales, and categories enabling strategic product development decisions based on regularly updated data.

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Evaluate monthly asset and flow data for mutual funds, closed-end funds, and ETFs and analyze retirement assets by plan type, money market asset distribution, and monthly UIT deposits.

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Weekly Data

Explore long-term mutual fund cash flows weekly by asset class and sub-asset class and assess money market fund and net asset trends across retail and institutional segments as well as asset class.

Mutual fund long term

Mutual Funds (Long-Term)

Updated monthly, this module highlights mutual fund historical trends, reviews monthly and quarterly asset data, analyzes redemption and turnover rates, and explores asset class and sub-asset-class data.



Assess monthly and quarterly ETF data including assets and net issuance, asset class, number of ETFs, and asset marketshare.

Closed end

Closed-End Funds

Review closed-end fund data including assets by asset class, number of funds, share issuance, and number of shareholders monthly. The module also includes historical asset and growth rate data and quarterly asset data.

Mutual fund

Mutual Funds (MMKT)

Study money market asset and flow data including average assets per fund type, cashflow components, and annual growth rate. Updated monthly.



Gain an overview of retirement assets by channel, assets by plan type, and retirement flow data. Updated monthly.



Evaluate essential UIT data including monthly deposits, assets, and number of funds.



Data definitions, asset class definitions, and mutual fund method of sales definitions.

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