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  • Analyze managed and nonmanaged assets by holding company and individual company level
  • Compare thousands of banks and trust companies using the firm benchmarking view
  • Build territory views with company details by category, asset allocation, and physical location (city/state/zip code)
  • Easily build dashboards and share analysis with your team for strategic decision making

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Gain the knowledge you need to target the U.S. Bank Channel. Cerulli’s Bank: Fiduciary Assets Lodestar features data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) broken down by bank fiduciary business lines, including defined benefit, defined contribution, other retirement assets, corporate trust, agency accounts, personal trust, endowments and foundations, and other fiduciary assets.

Included with Purchase

Executive summary


Gain a high-level overview of bank fiduciary and related assets.


Territory Builder

Develop and enhance distribution strategies by manipulating the fiduciary and related assets by location.

Building analysis

Managed Fiduciary & Related Assets

Analyze each FDIC-insured holding company and individual subsidiary, and view managed fiduciary assets by investment vehicles, asset ranges, states, cities, or zip codes.


Fiduciary & Related Services Income

View and benchmark banks’ gross income, expenses, net losses, intracompany income, and net fiduciary income as it relates to their total fiduciary assets and business lines on an industry level or by holding company, subsidiary, state, city, or zip code.



Provides the methodology and definitions of key terms for this subscription.

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