Bryan Pinedo

Analyst, Managed Accounts and Surveys

Team page bryan pinedo

About Bryan

As an analyst on the Managed Accounts team, Bryan oversees the asset manager database. He also provides survey support for the Product Development and Institutional teams at Cerulli.

Prior to joining Cerulli Associates, Bryan worked as a Data Analyst at Definitive Healthcare, where he completed a diligence project on the company database consisting of over 20,000 firms.


  • Boston College
    Bachelor of Arts in Economics with concentration in Econometrics and Quantitative Methods

Areas of Expertise

  • Asset Manager Database Management—including product categorization, building asset class leaderboards, asset manager leaderboards on a quarterly basis
  • Qualtrics survey support for Cerulli proprietary surveys
  • Creating data visualizations for survey participants to assist with the interpretation of large data sets

Recent Project Work

  • Managed Accounts Survey Tool Transition Project—transitioned Lotus Notes surveys to Qualtrics while utilizing specialized Qualtrics functionality.
  • Managed Accounts Quantitative Update—quantitative support for yearly Managed Accounts report

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