Andrew Masnyj

Senior Data Analyst

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About Andrew

As a senior data analyst, Andrew is responsible for delivering data visualization for Lodestar, Cerulli’s interactive marketing intelligence platform. He works with data software tools to gather, prepare, and store datasets, and to improve data processing efficiency. Collaborating with analysts, he designs and builds dashboards to communicate market information.

Before joining Cerulli, Andrew spent four and a half years working in architectural planning for the State of Massachusetts.  He gained valuable experience in project management, architectural design, and developing and teaching an architectural drawing and building systems curriculum.

At Suffolk University, Andrew took part in a travel seminar to Germany, where he created and presented case study solutions for executives at BMW, Cisco, Bayer, and CrowdWorx.


  • Suffolk University
    MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and Business Intelligence
  • Boston University
    BA in Economics and Architectural Studies
  • Completed graduate and continuing education courses in R, JavaScript, and architecture

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